Man plans and G-d laughs!

Catastrophic Computer Crash & Rebuilding my Dev Machine

Well friends, as it so happens, just as I start to get things moving ... I spend two weeks in isolation due to COVID (thank G-d, we are all well); and then, to top it off, my trusty development workstation suffered a catastrophic failure.

After spending a week trying to resuscitate it, I had to move on and go with a new machine. Usually it takes me about two days (+/-) to rebuild a system installing all the needed dev tools along the way. This time though, I will try something new. Well, new for me at least.

I've only started using docker a few months back. So this rebuild, I'm going to set up a docker-compose system to run my data infrastructure: Azure Blob Storage, MSSQL, redis, MongoDB.

I've still installed VS Pro & VS Code locally and just about have WSL2 and docker installed. Once I have my docker-compose file formalized, I will post the details here.

I realize I can stand these services up with each dev project, but sometimes I just want to tinker with them at any given time. This seems to be the easiest way to get my infrastructure up and running without creating a complete VM. And once I have my compose file completed, it will be simple to move to other machines. Since I also try to rebuild my machine once every other year this will make each rebuild much simpler going forward.